Organic Integrity

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The mission is easy; learn where your food is coming from, cook with the most nutritional and delicious local foods, spread the knowledge, and live by what you eat. These are just a few ways to spread the wealth of organics and/or all-natural products to our customers. The integrity that is set forth by the farmer is the same mindset we practice in our cuisines.

Local Markets

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Little Farmhouse Catering has been found at venues around town, such as; The Atlanta Underground Market,, Local Arts and Film Productions, The Sochi Celebration, and more...

Local Farming

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Little Farmhouse Catering likes to highlight its local product and partnerships in a way of giving back. Quite often you will find the owners of Little Farmhouse Catering volunteer there help at local farms such as The Mealor Family Gardens and Haylene "The Garden Queen" Urban Garden. Other farms that are supported are Red Earth Farms, Thompson Farm, Sweetwater Farm, White Oaks Pastures, Jaemor Farms, The Dekalb Farmers Market, Georgia Organics, Grow with the Flow LLC, Southern River Farms, Renaissance Gardens, Capra Gia, and Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Arts and Entertainment

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Our Catering Services are highly recommended to those in the arts and entertainment industries. Little Farmhouse Catering specializes in servicing festivals, film shoots and wrap parties, art galleries, The Goat Farm, fundraisers, and of course, the stars!